Empty spaces.

I probably shouldn’t have opened a personal blog, but I gave up to the evidence that I can’t go two days without writing down what’s in my mind; I’ve always been like this since I was a child, and after thinking about it for a way too long time, I finally decided to open this little space. I can’t rely on Facebook or Twitter’s 150 characters limit to completely express my thoughts anyway, so I guess this was unavoidable.

I mainly write on my primary website, Perfume Disco Blog, which is a fansite about one of the most famous and relevant acts of the Japanese music industry. But during quiet periods such as the current one, I still need to do something in my winter nights other than watching concerts or lurking around social networks without a reason, so this new blog might come in handy to fill these empty spaces. I will write about Music, Videogames, personal thoughts about life and people, and, well, just what’s in my mind.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the URL of this new blog refers to The Gazette’s 2007 Live DVD, Repeated Countless Error. I kinda like this band, but I’ve never seen this concert, nor I’m sure this statement actually makes sense, but I like the way it’s written and the way it sounds. I still don’t know if it’ll eventually become the name of this blog, but it doesn’t matter that much now.

Now more than ever I feel like writing about my passions and what’s inside me: Don’t worry, nothing too personal or boring. šŸ˜‰

– Alex



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