Of Wonderful Memories: Remember that night at Tokyo Dome

lfA couple of days ago the well known private Japanese TV WOWOW broadcasted a good part of Perfume’s Tokyo Dome concert I attended last December in Japan, and thanks to the fans that fragmented the video and uploaded it on YouTube, I had the chance to watch again what has been the biggest concert I’ve ever attended, and also one of the most unforgettable events of my life.

Seeing the Enter the Sphere (extended mix) intro once again, the girls walking at the top of the sphere, all the crazy lights and lasers work, the crowd going completely insane to the Party Maker drop, and the wonderful Dreamland performance with the final walk towards the sphere, is something that made me completely realize how this show has been something of great importance, not only for the fans, but also for the girls themselves; This was one of the best Perfume concerts ever held, without a shade of doubt, and I feel lucky to had the chance to attend it twice.

The first time I attended a Perfume show was last summer during the Perfume World Tour 2nd, and while I had a total blast during that wonderful time in Paris, my memories after that event have always been pretty much confused and “misty”. It’s weird, cause I remember everything perfectly, but it feels like it’s been only a dream when I think about it. I felt the same after my first trip in Japan in 2011, and I’ve understood after some time that all of this is caused by the excitement for something that I have waited for a long time, and that finally became true. But this time everything was sharp and clear, even the memories. I remember exactly all the feelings felt in every part of the concert, and living them again through these videos makes me extremely happy. It’s the proof of having lived an event of huge proportions in my favorite place, with the people I love.


I feel so proud. Not of myself, anyone can do what I and many other fans did, you just have to want it. I’m proud of these girls. For being so incredibly amazing, for giving one of the most professional, spectacular, and technologically advanced shows of the world, and for being extremely talented yet normal and down to earth girls. I spent half of my life complaining because I couldn’t see my favorite bands live, cause most of them were from the 70s, or because they were not the same group anymore, or simply because I didn’t honestly had the balls to buy a plane ticket and go to a show.

But all of this doesn’t exist anymore. I can finally say I saw my favorite group live, at the top of their success and at the best of their shape, performing their most epic show ever.

For once, and just once, I wish I could meet these girls to hold their hands and say “Thank you”. Thank you for everything they did for me, even if I’m just a little dot in a sea of 3D scanned fans, even if they never and probably will never see my face or know what I did and still do to spread their love and music as much as I can. They did to me more than anyone in my life did. They revolutionized the course of it, triggered the change I needed at the right time, and everything that arrived after has been just a wonderful collection of memories that enriched my life: Travels, friends, girls, feelings, happiness, delusions, airports, waitings, izakaya, beer, laughters, neon lights, skyscrapers and more and more.

It’s not blind devotion to a random group or a thought by someone who desperately needs a life. It’s a honest and true feeling I feel towards these girls.

I will be with them until the end, no matter what. It’s the best I can do to show them my gratitude.

– Alex


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