“This is Tokyo”

During my two trips in Japan I’ve always been lucky to have great friends (and great people) with me to share the fun: Concerts, walks around Tokyo, trips to other cities, or simply hang out to have dinner. During my first vacation back in 2011 I should have met three people I knew on Twitter, which means three days with friends and the rest of the time alone: It ended up being three days alone and all the rest with a new company. Even better during my second trip, where I met all the friends I had the pleasure to meet in Paris the year before, plus new and old ones. I have the greatest memories with these friends, and I would never exchange them with anything in this world.

Still, I also had the chance to live Tokyo alone. And those moments are the ones where I really dig inside myself and understand deeply my relationship with this city. Because the entirety of Japan is plain wonderful, but Tokyo is the heart of it.

While I took some of my lonely days to visit other places outside the city, I spent most of them just sitting somewhere and watch people passing by. It’s like a moment of intimacy with a person we love: Watch the scenario in front of Studio Alta constantly changing, the people frantically walking somewhere, the neons changing colors, the commercials on the huge screens, the little lights coming from windows of endless skyscrapers: All details that probably most of the people who never went to Japan would find boring and maybe even stressful.

But I totally get lost in it. Seeing all these lives passing by, trying to imagine who they are or what they’ll become, where they are headed to, their problems, how they are linked to all the other people surrounding them. Because while they probably don’t think about it or even don’t want to accept it, they are all connected. Our lives are all connected in some way. And it’s wonderful to think about all the stories, the tales that connect each one of them through the series of events that compose our existance. Maybe the girl that’s walking in front of me is trying to become an idol, or the man reading the newspaper that’s sitting not far from me lost his family and is trying to rebuild his life. Maybe the middle-aged man waiting at the crossing is a psychologist, and the one on the other side will commit suicide the same night. Maybe the woman texting with her phone at the station is an employee that will make me smile with her kindness and beauty in a random shop of Nakano, and make me love this city and country even more. As Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”.

You can call me crazy, but I get lost in all these details. Because the life and the energy I see in this city I love so much makes me feel more alive than anything else in this world.


” Kimi ga iu you na samishisa wa kanjinai kedo omoidashita
Koko wa Tokyo
Sore wa sore de boku wa ikiisogu na “

♪ Sakanaction – Eureka

– Alex