Tokyo is relaxing


I know it may sound like a blasphemy, especially to those who always lived in the biggest city of Japan and face its chaos every morning to go to work or school (forgive me my friends), but from the standpoint of the way too attached tourist I am, Tokyo is truly relaxing. I’m not gonna explain again why the place I live in is so small yet so stressful, or why everyone who never visited Japan sees Tokyo as the Tokyo they let you see in TV, made of streams of people and stressful traffic, but I genuinely think it’s a wrong image for this city. It’s like watching a documentary about Rome showing only beggars and the criminals lurking every corner instead of the Colosseum or the Vatican. Well, not really the same thing, but anyway…

Of course there are streams of people in the rush hours of Tokyo (not the same can be said for cars honestly), but as a tourist I can’t feel any of the stress several people inside and outside Japan claim. Not only because even the way people walk in Japan is ordinated and respectful towards the others, but also because it’s a city and a population that doesn’t make me worry about anything at all. I feel safe in Tokyo, and I feel like I’m home.

It’s waking up in my hotel room in the morning, dress up and walk down the half empty mid-morning spacious streets where only people that didn’t had to go to work or school walk, it’s stopping by a conbini to buy breakfast and then walk again in the fresh and cold winter weather and admire the grey sky that seems to flow into the city so perfectly, to the point where I’m not sure if I love the beautiful blue winter sky more than the grey covering the city in some days. No one is screaming in the streets, no one looks restless or stressed (it doesn’t mean they aren’t, but that’s another matter), no one is getting mad at someone. Sometimes I think people and the city are a unique being. The lines at the station platform give me a sense of tranquillity, as well as the silence filling the train while watching the Shinjuku skyline moving quickly in front of me. It’s walking in Omotesando, in Golden Gai, in Yasukuni street, it’s feeling the quietness of the morning, it’s seeing people wandering in the shops, or owners carefully cleaning the doors of their little restaurants, or all the people without a destination looking at an undefined spot somewhere while smoking in front of Studio Alta. The safety, the relax you feel isn’t defined by the number of people or cars around you, but by the way you can dive into the soul of a place, defined by your love and understanding towards it. Who knows, maybe there is someone in this world who would love the hellish place I live in…

Loving Tokyo is like having a long distance relationship with a girl: You can’t wait to see her again the more the days go by, you suffer when you’re not with her, and when you finally meet her again after a long time, all the magic of the first time is all there and intact to give you love and a reason to live. Maybe the magic will disappear a little bit when the day we will finally be together to spend all the days of our lives together will come, but the love will still be there, finally giving a meaning to life.

If only there was a way to hug Studio Alta…

– Alex

♪ Sakanaction – Shiranami Top Water


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