That’s all folks!

Foto del 07-09-15 alle 11.48

The restaurant I used to work in is refusing to pay me, so I’m thinking about destroying their fucking place with a baseball bat cause nothing makes an italian mad like being fooled by another italian.

Yesterday I paid the yearly hosting for my website, and I forgot how high the fee was: Of course I didn’t gain enough to cover it, well, actually I didn’t gain shit from it, but that’s not even the problem to be honest. At the same time, I paid the fee for the room I rented in August. I’m running out of money.

I can’t find another job. I’ve been leaving a shitload of CVs around the city and via e-mail for more than two months, talked to people and made more connections as possible, but no one is calling back. Glad I have at least provided paper toilet to so many employers.

I’ve sent e-mails to some journalists in the last few months to ask them some very brief questions, people whose writing inspired me. Of course, there is no reason why they should give two fucks about me, so none of them ever replied.

My bike is broken.

This stupid rain won’t stop.

And you’re tired of me always complaining.

That’s all folks!


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