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Land of Rising Sound will close soon, probably in less than a month.

My project, the website run exclusively by me that took me eight months of hard work to create, and another year to maintain, and costed quite a sum of money, has failed, together with the goals that I wanted to reach. Because I’m honestly exhausted. I can’t take it anymore.

I made my best to make it become what I wanted with all my strength. The problem is, sometimes even all your strength isn’t enough to keep up with your ambitions. Especially when it comes to Japanese music, most people don’t care if an album is good or bad, they don’t care how the industry works, they don’t care about the impact some groups have on the international market. They want gossips, the last confessions of celebrities announcing their weight or how many fucking children they want even when they don’t have a partner cause they’re so full of silicon even in their ovaries they can’t have a child. Or the lineup of the next Music Japan show. The kind of stuff every “website” about Japanese “music” covers. Who cares if the last Kyary single is a pile of shit, it’s Kyary, it’s popular, so it must be good!

But no. I don’t give a shit about gossips and the stuff people wants to read. I want to write about music, and I’ve probably chose the wrong industry to analyze songs and artists. No one cares about the quality of music, and that’s probably why there isn’t a single music review site in Japan, excluding the ones made by fans. Which is a shame since its full of valid artists.

I tried the “freelancer” way, but no editor sane in the brain would hire a non-native english speaker that dropped high school at 16.

Still, it’s not the industry, the casual listeners, the editors, the gossip catchers or the lack of interest in music. It’s my fault. Cause when something that’s yours doesn’t work, it’s your fault, even when you put all your energy in it. What I did wasn’t enough, and it was done wrong. Period.

This will be my last post on this personal blog as well, a blog that became a “crybaby articles compilation” at this point. The only writing you’ll see from me will be from “Perfume Disco Blog”, because I promised it’ll be active as long as Perfume will be around. That’s probably the only thing I truly enjoy, cause I love Perfume and their fans, despite the shadow of new pages about them is starting to surpass my blog as well. I can’t buy likes on Facebook, I’m sorry.

Thanks everyone for the support, you’ve always been close to me with your words, and I truly appreciate it. Much love to all of you.

See you.

  • Alex

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